Through difficulties to greatness

Tortorici & Partners

is a partnership of commodities and finance experts, most of which have occupied the highest positions in first-class banks or commodity trading / brokerage houses.

For years, some of our partners have forgone a peaceful and sedentary life for turbulent and adventurous careers in fields just as hostile as rich in natural resources.

From the bottom of the copper mines in Congo to the oil pits in Venezuela and Iraq, along the docks of Santos in Brazil to the trading floors of New York and Chicago, there are jobs that cannot be understood without having been fully experienced.

Our human and professional experiences pledge the skills and knowledge made available to our clients in our advisory, corporate development and executive search services. These activities equally require genuine excellence and ability as well as flawless ethics.

One cannot in good faith claim to be able to accurately evaluate the true value of a market professional if one has never worked in that market.

Nor is it conceivable to be capable of strategically interviewing and challenging a candidate without having an equivalent or greater level of expertise as well as a clear and thorough understanding of the market in which that candidate is evolving.

The costs of recruitment borne by our clients are at stake as much as the future and professional careers of our candidates.

It is therefore our responsibility and duty to minimize the risks by applying the most stringent and fine-tuned methodology to every selection and due-diligence procedure we carry out through each of our services.

Our approach is qualitative and highly targeted. The focus of our consultants only cover products and geographical sectors in which they have demonstrated genuine expertise and regular success at least within the last ten years.

More rewarding than the gains from trading nigerian crude oil or hungarian grains is the infinite possibility that we have to influence the destiny of any individual.

More complex and unpredictable than any  commodities or currencies is the human fabric on which we strive each and every day to best extract the wealth.

The human being is our ultimate commodity.

(And we make no apologies)